samedi 30 avril 2011

Wild cowgirls - Too wild ...

Vogue Russia

Lace, lace and again lace !! It takes my breath away ! Ralph Lauren, THIS is really crazy and dreamy !!

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  1. i love this editorial its amazing! i love the style. and thank you for your sweet comment! i loveee lisbon it's definitely nice to find small, funky places here. that restaurant/shop i posted about you must go!! stores --> loja do chiado, a outra face da lua, truz (all amazing! and right in baixa chiado metro area). for food --> jardim de estrela cafe (cafe in a garden it's so pretty), feel rio, quinoa

    i hope you enjoy! :-)


  2. The Russian magazines have amazing stuff. I try to practice my Russian by reading them ;)

  3. what a great editorial. i love fringe - especially on leather jackets xx