lundi 10 janvier 2011

YESSSS ... I'm BACK !!

Well, after my trip to Rome, here I am again !! It was great to visit this ecletic city plenty of monuments and history ! It's really amazing, each door, each window has a story to tell and I tried to imagine how were people then !! Some places there reminded me of some well-known movies as "Vacanze romane" or "Ben Hur" ... I was impressed by the Vatican palace and had to wait for 2 hours to get in under the rain and the cold !! And noo I couldn't see the Pope ... Actually, it was too cold for me even "icy" and it really annoyed me because I can't bear it and even though the weather, I was courageous enough to have some delicious ice cream ... I don't know if I didn't find a very special place but I found that pizzas aren't really soooo special there ... There are some restaurants here that make excellent pizzas ... Sales began on sunday but I decided to be reasonable (too hard) and just bought a little bag that I'll show you in one of my next posts ... A little lazy to make a pic right now, sorry ...

2 commentaires:

  1. youhou! le retour!! mais tu es resté combien de temps à Rome?? Normalement on voulait aussi y aller cette année, à voir...
    et sinon t'inquiète, la prochaine fois, un spécial "smile" rien que pour toi ;)
    mais c'est vrai que j'aime pas me trouve cruche quand je souris à pleine dents!
    La baisse de moral est dû au retour ou bien??
    plein de bisous en tous cas!

  2. ¡Que alegría tenerte de regreso!!!! Y más sabiendo que has disfrutado de esa infinita ciudad como es Roma, que es inagotable para ver, ya que siempre hay cosas que se quedan atrás porque es imposible digerirla toda..... yo estoy deseando volver, porque tras cada esquina te encontrabas una sorpresa, tras cada puerta una maravilla.... y esos italianos/as taaaaaaan agradables y taaaaan elegantes de forma innata.... adoro Italia, pero Roma sobre todo! Besos preciosa y buscaré ese pantalón, te lo prometo!!!!